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Hainan Island duty-free policy welcomes major adjustment

Release time: 2020-09-18 Source: admin Number of views: 1,191
The tax exemption policy of Hainan Island, which has attracted much attention, has clear details。6月29日,The Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Taxation and other three departments jointly issued the "Announcement on the Duty-Free Shopping Policy of Hainan Island Tourists" (hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement"),The annual duty-free shopping quota for tourists on outlying islands will be increased from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per person,The limit of 8000 yuan per piece will be abolished,The number of duty-free commodities on the outlying islands has increased from 38 to 45。Experts pointed out that the expansion of the quota and varieties at the same time will further stimulate the development of Hainan's duty-free market, and will further optimize the supply of China's upgraded consumption market and better stimulate consumption potential。On June 1, the Party Central Committee and The State Council issued the Overall Plan for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, proposing to "relax the duty-free shopping quota of outlying islands to 100,000 yuan per person per year, and expand the types of duty-free commodities".。The "Announcement" has made further elaboration of the above policy,specify,There is no limit to the number of duty-free purchases per person per year;Expand the categories of duty-free goods,Increase consumer electronics and other seven categories of consumer products favored by consumers;Limit single purchases of cosmetics, mobile phones and alcohol only;The portion of goods purchased by passengers that exceed the duty-free limit or limit,To levy import duties on imported articles in accordance with regulations;Business entities with duty-free distribution qualifications may participate in duty-free operations on Hainan Islands in accordance with regulations。

The Ministry of Finance pointed out,Compared with previous policies,The adjustment mainly includes: first, the tax-free shopping quota has been increased from 30,000 yuan per person per year to 100,000 yuan;Second, the number of duty-free commodities on the outlying islands increased from 38 to 45.The third is to cancel the tax-free limit of 8,000 yuan for a single commodity;The fourth is based on quota management,Significantly reduce the number of items limited in a single purchase;Fifth, we will encourage appropriate competition,Business entities with duty-free distribution qualifications can equally participate in the duty-free business of Hainan islands;Sixth, we will strengthen in-process and post-event oversight,Clarify the legal responsibilities of individuals, enterprises and duty-free shops on outlying islands involved in scalping and smuggling。

The Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance said that since China began to trial the duty-free shopping policy for tourists on outislands in April 2011, the overall operation has been good, which has promoted the construction of Hainan international tourism island and driven the development of tourism consumption and related industries in Hainan。According to customs statistics, by the end of 2019, a total of 16.31 million shopping trips had been made, with duty-free sales of 53.8 billion yuan。This policy adjustment will greatly improve consumer shopping experience, release policy dividends, enhance the sense of gain of the masses, promote the construction of Hainan international tourism consumption center, and enhance the confidence of all walks of life in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port。(Reporter Wang Wenbo and Sun Shaohua)

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